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Healthywage Review: Bet on Yourself, Get Paid To Lose Weight ($100 Prize Bonus)

(Update: If you missed it before, HealthyWage is offering a $100 Prize Boost for a limited-time until July 15th. They only run this promo a few times throughout the year, and it can potentially double your winnings!) After reading academic … [More]

Can You Teach Your Kid To Be Rich?

There is an ongoing debate about personal finance education in school. It sounds like a good idea, but multiple studies have found that financial literacy classes don't really improve future behavior. It may be too much to expect an easy fix to … [More]

Top 10 Best Credit Card Bonus Offers – July 2019

Updated July 2019. That space in your wallet or purse is more valuable than you think. Credit card companies are fighting it out, offering strong perks and $500+ value for a single card during the first year to encourage you to apply and try it … [More]

British Airways Visa Signature Credit Card Review: 100,000 Point Bonus

The British Airways Visa Signature Card is a co-branded travel card (issued by Chase) has brought back their bonus offer of up to 100,000 total Avios points with a split spending hurdle. Here are the highlights: Learn more about this card … [More]

Amazon Prime: Spend $10 at Whole Foods, Get $10 Amazon Credit on Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day 2019 is going to start on July 15th, where they offer big discounts because the holidays are too far away. If you're selective, you can grab some nice savings and promo deals. Here is a $10 Whole Foods promo - if you are an Amazon … [More]

Best Interest Rates on Cash – July 2019

Here's my monthly roundup of the best interest rates on cash for July 2019, roughly sorted from shortest to longest maturities. Rates are dropping a bit, but it still pays to shop around. Check out my Ultimate Rate-Chaser Calculator to get an idea … [More]

Is Your Stock Broker Quietly Charging As Much As a Robo-Advisor?

Here's an educational post on How Discount Brokerages Make Money by Patrick McKenzie. It seems reasonable that a DIY investor understand these sources of revenue at a basic level: net interest, commissions, asset management fees, wealth management … [More]

Which Airline Miles Are Easiest To Redeem For Economy Awards? 2019

Cashing in your frequent flier miles for a free flight can be hit or miss, especially around a holiday. Which airlines are the most generous with making seats available? Each year, consulting firm IdeaWorks tries to run a fair comparison of all … [More]

5% Cash Back Cards: Gas Stations, Restaurants, PayPal, and Travel – July thru September 2019

Activation time for 3rd Quarter! The credit cards below offer up to 5% cash back on specific categories that rotate each quarter. It takes a little extra attention, but it can add up to hundreds of dollars in additional rewards per year without … [More]

Kindle Unlimited Promotion: 3 Months Free for Prime Members ($9.99 for Non-Prime)

Amazon is offering a free 3-month trial of Kindle Unlimited for Prime members. Non-Prime members are offered an discounted price of $9.99 for 3 months. Deal expires on 7/31/19. You can have been a previous Kindle Unlimited member (trial or … [More]

Stocks and Bonds Asset Class Correlations 2009-2019

Morningstar has an educational series on How and Why to Invest in Bonds, and one of the included articles What Role Do Bonds Play in a Portfolio? had an interesting chart of the correlations between several major asset classes for the past decade up … [More]

Jack Bogle on Mailbox Money

While poking around the Bogleheads investing forum, I came across a thread discussing a 2015 interview with the late Jack Bogle that touches on the topic of mailbox money in retirement. First, a nice dose of Bogle common sense: If anybody … [More]