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United Explorer Business Card Review – 100,000 Bonus Miles Limited-Time Offer

Updated with 100k limited-time offer. The United Explorer Business Card is the co-branded business credit card between Chase and United Airlines, and it offers unique perks for regular United customers including free checked bags and expanded award … [More]

Safe Deposit Boxes: A Perfect Place to Store Copies Of Important Documents

The NY Times recently published an article stating Safe Deposit Boxes Aren’t Safe. I was a little disappointed in the article because it was a bit sensational, but I suppose the takeaway is important for folks that made other assumptions. A more … [More]

Refinance Watch: Mortgage Rates May Drop Even Further

If you have a mortgage rate above 4%, you should keep an eye on mortgage rates during August to see if there is an opportunity to refinance and save money. (Potential buyers should obviously also take notice, but they were probably paying attention … [More]

Best Interest Rates on Cash – August 2019

Here's my monthly roundup of the best interest rates on cash for August 2019, roughly sorted from shortest to longest maturities. The target for the Fed Funds Rate was just cut by 0.25% as of 8/1/19, so look out for small rate drops this month … [More]

Delta SkyMiles American Express Cards

Updated. American Express and Delta Airlines have various credit cards that offer special perks like free checked bags, priority boarding, and the ability to earn Delta Skymiles with card purchases. However, as you can only get the welcome bonuses … [More]

Betterment Everyday Savings and Checking Review: 2.44% APY (Tied to Fed Funds Rate)

Updated. Betterment, best known for their automated portfolio management software, has added a high-yield savings product called Betterment Everyday Savings. An additional checking product is "coming soon". This product has several unique features … [More]

Bank of America Amtrak Guest Rewards Credit Card: 40,000 Points + $100 Statement Credit Offer

The Bank of America Amtrak Guest Rewards credit card currently has a limited-time offer that can get you over $1,000 value in Amtrak train fare. If the link doesn't load, visit and start booking any reservation. Then go back and reload … [More]

Equifax Data Breach Settlement: Free Credit Monitoring vs. Reduced Claim

Update. As many of you correctly pointed out, only $31 million was allotted to the $125 alternative payment if you opted out of the free credit monitoring. The FTC has provided an update encouraging people to pick the free monitoring: I thought I … [More]

The Status Spending Test: Two Simple Questions About Your Car and Home

I feel like I've been reading a lot of backlash against the "latte factor". I agree buying a Starbucks latte every day will not directly lead to poverty, and forgoing it will not make you independently wealthy. However, sometimes a concrete example … [More]

Mint Mobile B3G3 Promo: 6 Months of Unlimited Talk, Text, 8 GB Data For $60 Total ($10 Per Month)

Mint Mobile is how I keep my cell phone costs low. They use the T-Mobile network, which means if you have a compatible phone switching just involves swapping in a new SIM card. It works just fine in my iPhone X. I am nearing the end of my first … [More]

Sprint Unlimited Kickstart: Unlimited Talk, Text, Data For $25/Month – Offer Expires September 5th

Update late July 2019: Sprint/T-Mobile Merger approved. T-Mobile and Sprint have been doing the merger dance since April 2018, which meant Sprint was still highly incentivized to make their subscriber numbers as high as possible. Around July … [More]

Vanguard Personal Advisor Services Portfolio Rebalancing Rules

If you read about investing in stocks and bonds, there is a lot of discussion about rebalancing your portfolio. Should you rebalance? When? How often? How much? Carl Ozeck contributes his thoughts on the Vanguard Blog article Capital gains are … [More]